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Managed CA

Most early adopters of PKI dedicated the budgets and IT resources to develop in-house certification authorities. However, in recent years there has been a marked trend towards outsourcing PKI operations to specialist providers like QuoVadis.

This shift occurred because many organisations found their funding and attention were consumed running the CA rather than developing their core business applications. In other cases, the in-house PKI operations were viewed as an unacceptable security risk, or the “self-signed” digital certificates treated by suspicion by third-parties.

QuoVadis has a decade of experience operating outsourced certification authorities for organisations and governments. Our investment in facilities and technology means that we can rapidly roll out entirely bespoke PKIs, balanced with the policy and audit expertise to meet the trust needs of specific organisations or communities.

We have the array of PKI enhancement tools to ensure that the managed CA integrates with the client’s systems and processes. These include modules for autoenrollment, smartcard management, key archive, OCSP, and others.

Meanwhile, our Trust/Link Registration Authority (RA) interface provides an easy-to-use secure web-based interface to issue, renew, and revoke certificates, and manage RA tasks.

Features and Benefits

  • Client retains control with a custom CA, policies, and web-based Trustlink registration and management tools.
  • Leverages QuoVadis’ long experience with planning, implementation and operation of specialised PKI technologies.
  • QuoVadis’ heavy investment in technology and facilities allows client to focus on own business applications.
  • Support for audits and options for QuoVadis Root Signing for extended trust.
  • Dependable cost.