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Autoenroll Extender for Windows

The QuoVadis Autoenroll Extender for Active Directory is a software module that connects the Trust/Link Enterprise managed PKI services with a customer’s Microsoft Windows environment, simulating an in-house Microsoft CA while securely provisioning digital certificate enrollment requests from QuoVadis.

Using QuoVadis, enterprise customers free themselves from the hidden costs and risks of operating an in-house PKI, leveraging QuoVadis’ investment in facilities, operations and independent audit. At the same time, the enterprise customers retain control of their policies and user groups. 

Features and Benefits

  • Allows use of QuoVadis public CAs which are widely trusted in software, as well as dedicated managed CAs.
  • Allows manual or autoenrollment of digital certificates for all types of Active Directory Objects including users, servers, desktops and laptops, and Domain Controllers. 
  • Autoupdate renewal of certificates in the case of modifications of user or server attributes. Extended autoenrollment allows the update and renewal of certificates at any time. 
  • Support for multiple certificate profiles (certificate profile per Active Directory group, as well as multiple AD goups for same certificate profile) 
  • Either manual or automated certificate revocation. 
  • Support for non domain-joined objects (such as mobile and non-Windows devices) using SCEP. 
  • Key archival and recovery (either local or at CA, as appropriate). 
  • Comprehensive reporting with certificate event audit and alerting. 
  • Support for Windows 7 through 10 as well as Windows Server 2008 and 2012.