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QuoVadis Approved to Provide HMRC SET Certificates for UK Government Gateway
29 Apr 2010


QuoVadis is an approved provider of digital certificates for the HMRC SET (Secure Electronic Transfer) programme which enables secure file exchange over the Government Gateway.

Use of SET can significantly reduce direct costs (paper, printing, postage) of providing information to HMRC, and is also much more environmentally friendly. QuoVadis are one of just 2 currently approved vendors for the provision of SET certificates.

The SET programme is currently being used with all types of Financial Services organisations, but is expected to be rolled out across additional disciplines in later years. Please address any enquiries to Tanya Davis on 01590 679 224.

To partake in the HMRC SET scheme you will require 2 certificates – one for Signing and one for Encryption. For further information and pricing please visit our information page. This also links to the application form and the online submission form.