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QuoVadis SSL certificates are automatically trusted in most browsers and other software.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates

EV SSL Certificates are intended for use in establishing secure communication using TLS/SSL protocols. The primary purposes of EV SSL Certificates are to:

  • Provide reasonable assurance that the website or device is controlled by a specific legal entity identified in the certificate by name, address of Place of Business, Jurisdiction of Incorporation, and Registration Number; and 
  • Facilitate the exchange of keys to enable encrypted communication.

EV SSL help establish the legitimacy of a business claiming to operate a website by confirming its legal and physical existence; the identity and authority of the personnel involved in purchasing the certificate; and its control over the web domains included in the certificate.

EV SSL are issued in compliance with the “Guidelines for the Issuance and Management of Extended Validation Certificates” (EV Guidelines) published by the CA/Browser Forum.  The EV Guidelines are intended to provide enhanced assurance of identity of the Subscriber by enforcing uniform and detailed validation procedures across all EV-issuing CAs worldwide. Only accredited CAs that pass an annual audit may issue EV SSL certificates.

Browsers recognise the security of EV certificates by providing enhanced security inidcators (such as the green bar in Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox's green "Larry" icon).

EV SSL example

Certificates may be issued by QuoVadis following submission of a CSR and Certificate Request form. Organisations wishing to manage their SSL use may take advantage of Trust/Link SSL to pre-approve domains so that their approved Subscribers may issue certificates on demand.

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